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Rose Diamond Eye Cream has been designed to hydrate, brighten, lift and fill the skin around the eye area, including the upper lid, blurring fine lines and wrinkles in one luxurious sweep. Totally natural, with powerful antioxidants, stimulates collagen and promotes skin brightness. Good Genes exfoliates away dead skin cells, revealing smoother, fresherlooking skin. With continued use, the visible signs of aging are reduced for a healthier-looking complexion. Provides intensive nourishment, hydration and anti-wrinkle defence.

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Creme de la Mer The Regenerating Serum. This multi action serum accomplishes appearance of fine lines and pores are diminished. The formula agrees with all skin types. High in antioxidants and key actives such as Lavender, Rose Hip and Meadowfoam Oils; it can also work as an anti-ageing serum to apply before moisturiser, helping to fight fine lines and wrinkles. Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser. Botanicallybased, it forgoes traditional sulphatebased cleansing agents, instead a mild surfactant to gently cleanse and sweep away impurities.

Restores and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Purity Eye Cleanser, a versatile and highly effective triple action cleanser that leaves eyes, soothed, calmed and cleansed. The natural ingredients will not only leave your hands feeling velvety but the will smell delicious. Oxygen generally comprises about 22 percent of the air, although in industrialised areas where the air is polluted this percentage 8 percent. Need I say more. Shinso glow is a unique blend, which exfoliates and rejuvenates using powerful ingredients such as Fullerene which protects the skin from harmful free radicals.

Fullerene penetrates the skin cells to detoxify and regenerate healthy skin cells and to also restore the skins natural functions. The other ingredient SOD surperoxide dismutase. This is a naturally occurring enzyme with important antioxidant and healing properties and defense for skin cells. This product removes dead skin cells and allows for better penetration of serums and moisturizers.

It is also paraben, fragrance and chemical free. Vital Defense from Yon-ka contains ingredients such as Organic myrtle, co-enzyme Q10, vitamins E and C, moringa peptides: anti-oxidant — anti-pollution-Plant glycerin, urea, serine: hydrating Sandalwood, PHIlodendron, barley, vitamin A: repairing, regenerating-essential oils of sweet orange, mandarin and magnolia: Revitalizing, energizing which makes for the perfect anti-aging and environmental shield. Specially formulated to combat damaging environmental factors that cause oxidative stress pollution, smoking, and exposure to UV rays and climate variations this intensely hydrating, luscious cream combines high-performance plant extracts that help the skin to preserve its youthfulness.

As modern women, we know that keeping our skin in tip-top shape requires more than just a little soap and water. A major player in the skincare game is the tried-and-true face mask. When implemented correctly and regularly , masks can be instrumental in keeping your skin clean and refreshed.

For Anti Age benefits face wrinkles head-on with a collagen-building mask that will keep skin plump, supple and line-free! Follow up your morning mask application with a serum and sunscreen to make sure skin is protected from outside aggressors throughout the day. For overnight masks, make sure you sleep with your hair tied up or in a head wrap to prevent any hair-on-mask contact yikes! Masks are a great rejuvenator and ideal in giving skin a much-needed boost. They can also be helpful in addressing dark spots and pigmentation. An illuminating mask that will revive and.

If skin is super dry, then stay clear of clay or purifying masks that can dry out your skin even more. For good measure, follow up with moisturizer to keep skin in the hydration zone. With Acne prone skin masks can be instrumental in keeping oil and breakouts at bay.

Purifying or clarifying masks help draw out impurities and toxins that can cause pore build-up. Tone your skin thoroughly before the mask to ensure all traces of dirt and oil are gone and skin is prepared for the world. Masks can resolve, repair and disguise a multitude of things, again always good to try new brands. Here are a few of my tried and tested brands. Rose Infinity Triple Effect Mask is a ground breaking in the resistance to age skincare fight. This mask works in the targeting of three key areas of the skin-skin surface-fine lines and cellular turnover.

Aromatherapy Associates expert knowledge and use of powerful natural ingredients will give your skin a luminous and radiant after glow. For tired and dehydrated complexion why not go to sleep and wake up more beautiful and rejuvenated skin. From Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy treatment. This natural creme-gel mask is a blend of triple active replenishing plant extracts, marine actives and soothing essential oils that feed your skin with the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals it needs.

In need of a quick fix then apply Clarins Super Restorative mask, in 10 minutes this mask containing Mango oil, Shea butter and Pueria Lobata. This mask in 10 minutes will help to strengthen weakened skin and will minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, defines facial contours giving the client a more youthful vitality to the skins texture. Do remember that different skin types will react more positively if the right mask is applied, and it is the expertise of the therapist, that in turn will understand not only the clients skin type, but also the result the client is wanting to achieve long and short term.

It will boost tired looking skin instantly, there is also an element of it helping with scar tissue. The best of everything. The gold standard of care. The Dorchester was something of a second home for the couple and witnessed many of their defining moments. Share in their legacy in The Harlequin Penthouse. You are invited to make your own mark on the ever-evolving legacy of this amazing hotel. Crisp linen wraps plump, feather pillows. Sleep deeply and greet the new day with renewed inspiration. Everyone needs a different kind of spa, because everyone is unique.

Some want to pop in for a moment of luxury, to enjoy a treatment and get on with their day. Others long for a private, soothing space in which to find some therapeutic calm amongst the roar. Here you are free to find your own way to take time for yourself, whatever that may be. Our job is to make it happen, your way.

Keeping the body and mind strong, supple and balanced. With Nine treatment rooms, including two doubles, once in your treatment room there is silence. Before your treatment enjoy the aromatic steam room, experience showers, and personal training with professional athlete Simon Inman. I enjoyed The Dorchester signature massage, A deeply relaxing full body massage experience using warm oil.

Incorporating heated stones and soothing techniques, this treatment also includes a facial massage and a soothing scalp massage. I found not only nourishing and deeply balancing, I also felt like I was on a cloud after the treatment, although I must admit I did drop off for a little while during my massage, it was relaxed and there was no feeling of the massage ever coming to an end and for me that would have been perfectly fine.

My time in the spa this ended in a gourmet experience. Afternoon Tea enjoyed in The Spatiserie where I sampled a selection of homemade finger sandwiches on artisan bread. The pastries were just amazing little bites of bliss. A choice of specially selected grand and rare teas, ranging from Darjeeling First Flush, Premium Gyokuro, Jasmine Pearls, whatever your needs there is nothing that cannot be offered.

Including Caffeine-free infusions and of course the finest coffee blends available. The afternoon tea experience can enhance any treatment and add that feel good factor. The menu contains allergens. If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let a member of the team know upon placing your order. Pure We have to speculate to accumulate, therefore it is true to say our bodies must eliminate to rejuvenate.

Your metabolism a fancy word for how many calories you need or burn throughout the day is closely tied to the amount of lean tissue in your body. When muscle is lost because of restrictive dieting or detox, the metabolism is also affected, leading to burning fewer calories throughout the day. This results in a further decrease in metabolic rate as the body compensates for inadequate calories by going into a conservation mode, leading to increased fat storage. In other words, as we consume fewer calories than the body needs, the body will adapt by altering hormones that control energy utilization and fat storage.

So be warned, and everything in moderation. The initial weight lost during a detox is from body water, which we create during the process of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and fats, many detoxes severely limit these types of foods, causing a large loss of body water. Once these are consumed in normal quantities after the detox is over, water regain occurs. Before and after any diet or detox healthy eating is key, and detoxing can be achieved naturally.

We may decide not to smoke, drink alcohol, eat junk food and drink lots of sugary fizzy drinks. However, living in the modern world means we really cannot avoid some of the negative effects of air pollution and chemical additives in everyday products. So even if we think we are living a moderate healthy lifestyle and we are following all the guidelines, eating our 5-a-day.

We may still look and feel not quite as healthy as we think we should be feeling. Noticing this is though a good thing, but nothing to panic about. When we understand our bodies are very well equipped to eliminate most toxins ourselves. The skin our biggest organ, replenishes dead cells almost on a monthly basis. Would you be shocked to know that these are just some of the symptoms associated with an overload of toxins, affecting your lymph glands, kidneys, lungs and colon. Rejuvenate, nourish and cleanse the entire system with this 10 Day Detox Kit with-out starvation.

The Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head removes harmful chlorine from your shower water, and energises the water. Ingesting or absorbing chlorine can lead to all sorts of problems. This dechlorinating shower head is stylish, robust and functional. Detoxifying Seaweed Bath. A potent and uplifting bath tonic that deeply cleanses, while also helping to tone, clarify and smooth the skin. Borghese Active Italian Mud. Natural organic ingredients. This mud will soothe and restore the skins balance. Smoothing fine lines yet cleansing deep.

They are not suitable for measuring the pH of water. The pH Test Strips are supplied in convenient-to-use packs of 80 strips. Liquid chlorophyll is a completely natural health supplement derived from alfalfa grass. A refreshing and detoxing body lotion. The distinctive aromas of lemongrass and mandarin will leave you feeling fresh and hydrated all day long.

The perfect way to start your day. OnZen Hair shower and bath tablets are the latest Japanese innovation. People are more aware now that some of the stored toxins and these uncomfortable feelings may be a result of additives in products such as shampoo, washing powders, soaps, air fresheners, toothpastes in particular. Sweeteners in almost everything from sweets to prescription drugs.

So it can be very confusing - understanding how to avoid this and unburden our bodies of this toxic load to restore purity and well-being to our mind, body and souls. Do not despair there is hope. This is an attack from two areas the procedure is from the inside-out. It of course involves diet avoiding certain foods, while still eating a plentiful supply of beneficial nutrients that will encourage a natural cleansing. The second procedure is to start at skin level, banishing dead cells to kick-start into action our capacity for natural toxic-elimination.

There are many ideas of how and when to do this, however our bodies for sure will let us know, and usually by that time the procedure is long overdue and vital to replenish and renew our wellbeing. Here are some of the procedures, brands and treatments I would recommend, each clients needs are different, so as a therapist you will know exactly which procedures, and brands will be better suited to your clients, keeping things as natural and organic as possible is of course more than a plus point. So you have decided a detox is what is needed to enhance mind, body and soul. A good detox protocol can help you eliminate more stubborn toxins by supporting your natural detoxification pathways.

Juice is not the answer, but there are plenty of other ways to assist your body without spending and wasting a lot of money and time on things that may make you feel much worse and not really give you any benefits. Exercise is another way to flush toxins from your body, and through more than just making you sweat.

Exercise increases. Lipolysis is especially effective when you combine it with liver and kidney support or adsorbents that can suck up the released toxins. Working out addresses the issue to a degree: it improves circulation, providing more oxygen to your liver and kidneys so they can better filter out toxins. You can also give your system even more support and pull out bad stuff the right methods, foods and supplements can help you to do this in a more gentle way.

Sweating and saunas can do wonders. It also helps you get rid of both heavy metals and xenobiotics — foreign compounds like plastics and petrochemicals — in small but significant amounts of lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury, especially in people with high heavy metal toxicity. Sweating also eliminates hormone-disrupting BPA, which accumulates in your fat cells. Studies have shown that both traditional and infrared saunas are effective for detoxing. Heat and sweating are not the only way to enhance a detox, the cold temperature also has its own benefits.

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness. Its practice dates back to ancient civilizations. However, technology has propelled Cryotherapy to the fore-front of the sports recovery industry and an aid to detoxification. Basically, it is the modern application of icing at a whole new level of cold in just three minutes. Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or just a health-conscious person seeking enhanced health.

Specially formulated for daily use and natural gradual exfoliation. The hibiscus flower acids, a bio-complex of pyruvic, mandelic, azaleic and phytic acid gently break down dead skin cells and boost cell renewal revealing fresh, bright and younger looking skin. With the added benefit of green tea extract and salicylic acid it will successfully control breakouts and purify pores. The acids are coated in a soothing and hydrating algae gel. Breaks down dead cells and purifies skin Evens out skin tone and prevents pigmentation Reduces the appearance of wrinkles Boosts cellular renewal and collagen production Reduces oxidative stress on DNA and protects against sun damage powerful antioxidant Prevents elastin degradation by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for it Does not strip skin of its natural oils and locks in moisture Treats dry, sensitive and oily skin Controls breakouts and sebum production Brings balance back to the skin Promotes circulation for a healthy glow Strengthens the connective tissue and thickens the skin around the eyes Restores trace elements and minerals.

The serum has a clean formulation no artificial fragrances, colours or preservatives, no MI, no parabens, no sulphates, no animal product, not tested on animals and a high concentration of powerhouse active ingredients. It is an essential step in any skincare routine and is slowing becoming a staple. You can purchase it at www. Cryotherapy can help your body achieve its ultimate potential. A cryochamber uses liquid nitrogen to supercool your body, stimulating mitochondrial function and decreasing inflammation. Intense cold also destroys fat cells, which has led to cryolipolysis therapy as a way to slim down.

Your body works much harder than normal to keep you warm. Cryotherapy tricks your body into implementing the same responses it would have if you were freezing without the discomfort. A very good investment if you have the room in your salon or spa for this type of equipment. A few weeks before you start your personal detox. Initially cut out all processed foods, things like store bought cakes, microwave meals, sweets and any pre-prepared foods. Fill your body up instead with whole foods, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish. There are two kinds of fibre that help promote regularity.

Insoluble fibre, found in leafy greens like spinach and kale, helps keep things moving through your intestines. Soluble fibre, which comes from foods such as apples, pears and beans, helps bulk up the contents of the bowels. Some other practical considerations before you start your planned detox. If possible, choose a time for detoxing when you have a lighter-than-average schedule and no pressing work or family commitments. You should always aim to detox your mind as well as your body, and in an ideal world you would spend your days meditating, reading, practicing yoga. Just do your best to minimize distractions and maximize your rest and recovery time.

Your body will be doing some intensive healing and will appreciate all the support you can give it. There are an array of services aimed at soaking and squeezing out toxins. But do you really need all those pills and potions, wraps and kits? Well, some of them are certainly helpful and supportive, Detoxing is actually quite simple. The truth is that you really need to do the work yourself, with diet and exercise. Plus, bodywork feels great, and its deeply relaxing effect helps the body heal more efficiently.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and certain aromatherapy oils can also assist with the detox process. None of these things will detox on its own, so please think of massages, wraps, soaks, supplements and elixirs not as alternatives — but helpers. After a few weeks of preparation and organising the right time this is a simple gentle detox program based on the latest detox research.

It is safe, sensible and supports all the main detox systems of the body. If you have any special health challenges or concerns. Derma-E Charcoal Mask. This mask harnesses the power of activated charcoal to clean all of the gunk out of your pores. Apricot seed powder then exfoliates the dead skin cells. Hydrating, softening and restorative, it also features grapefruit seed for antioxidant protection.

This Works Daily Boost Body Scrub exfoliates, boosts circulation, eliminates toxins and decreases water retention thanks to a delicious-smelling formulation of tourmaline, grapefruit, rosemary and crushed bamboo. TOX Dry brushing is an essential in skin-detox.

Made from pure, natural sisal, this brush exfoliates lightly and sweeps away dead skin. Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser. Detoxing your skin, going deep. When you massage this purifying cleanser into your face, it helps to remove dirt, oil and other impurities from your pores. Aura Herbal Teas are inspired by ancient tea recipes that help to promote good health.

Detox T helps with the removal of toxins and lipids from the body. Creme De La Mer Reparative Body Lotion is a highly effective body care product with the anti-ageing effect of a serum. Feels lush. It decongests saturated tissues, tones and reduces the appearance of orange peel skin. Fresh soups, salads, stews and stir-fries. Fruit and vegetable juices, especially beetroot, broccoli and celery, are ideal for detoxing, Use only a limited amount of sea salt in your flavouring and natural herbs and spices. Deep-water fish, organic eggs and chicken, soy products and legumes. Grill or poach fish or chicken.

Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds, all of which contain vital detox amino acids and which make great snacks. Caffeine-free herbal teas, nettle and fennel are good as is dandelion coffee, which is liver-supporting. Some detox experts recommend green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, but be aware that it contains some caffeine. Before breakfast. Hot water is used extensively for detoxing in the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda, add a squeeze of fresh Lemon to flavour.

A good-quality milk thistle and echinacea product take a short course of it while you are cleansing. When detoxing try to incorporate some exercise into every day. Walking and swimming help the lymphatic system. Yoga is superb as it supports and strengthens all the systems of the body. Listen to your body and its needs. If your body is crying out for rest, let it rest. Stick to the plan. Try incorporating as many of these guidelines into your life as you can. The more you do, the better you will feel — but adopting even one or two of these habits will make a large difference.

When your body sloughs off toxins, it can produce a few side effects.

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In the face of these, you may find your motivation slipping. Here are some hints on overcoming the most common side effects and as the toxins are leaving your body you may have some side effects and your motivation may be pushed to the limit-Headaches are very common especially when you stop caffeine.

Just be sure to drink plenty of water, rest and a few drops of Lavender oil on your temples will bring relief, and this is a sign your body is recovering, and headaches will subside after a few days. You may feel really tired so make sure you are eating enough. Your body might also just be crying out for a rest, so try to give it what it needs. Your body does most of its repair work while you sleep. It can help if you try detoxing with friends or family for support. It may come in handy in the future or for the next detox to make comparisons. Freeze whole bananas until solid, then simply peel and blend — delicious!

You need turmeric! CBD is the cure-all! Our skin care cream will make you younger-looking! Our Vitamin C is superior! Try valerian for sleep! The list goes on, and if easily swayed, one could think they need not only the tried-and-true supplements, but all the trendy new health products on the market that promise health and prosperity. Where does one even begin to sift through what is real and what is hype? Or more importantly, what supplements are right for you?

It could be that, while two different supplements are equally as effective, you may respond to one and your friend might resonate with another. There are ways to figure this out, including blood work, muscle testing, and trial and error to name a few, but there are a few supplements that you need as a building block, just as you need a solid foundation before you can build a stable home. Your body needs magnesium for over enzymatic processes - and some experts estimate upwards of - throughout your body.

Stress depletes magnesium, and a lack of magnesium exacerbates stress, so in our modern society, magnesium deficiency is nearly epidemic, as is stress. You can see the two go hand in hand. The latest fad supplement might help put a band aid on your sleep issue or your frequent bouts with illness, but. Take a quick minute to Google magnesium deficiency, and you will see that many common ailments can be mitigated with magnesium: allergies, asthma, ADHD, anxiety, bloating, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, irritability, tiredness, poor sleep patterns, restless legs, inability to handle stress, cramping, and weak bones and teeth, to name a few.

When supplementing with magnesium, it can be overwhelming as there is likely a whole shelf full of supplements to choose from at your local health store. The best absorbed kind is a powdered ionic magnesium citrate that activates when you add hot water. Magnesium citrate in pill form does not have the same affect. A high-quality choice for a good price is MAG, which is not only ionic, but is free from fillers and additives and is vegan friendly. If you prefer a pill over powder, opt for a magnesium bisglycinate, which is small enough to pass through the cell walls, and as a result is highly absorbable.

It is also very gentle on the stomach, whereas some supplementations including citrate can loosen up your bowels — which might or might not be a good thing, depending on your digestive situation! Try PrizMAG pure magnesium bisglycinate, which is the only pure capsule on the market with no fillers, stearates or magnesium oxide. Grab some calm-inducing magnesium today and become a better version of yourself so you can take on the world in the unique way that only you can!

You are greeted with a very warm welcome and a roaring log fire.

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Each is named after a member of one of the two families that have owned the building since Special features include a dining room in the Merrick Suite and a private staircase in the Elizabeth Room. The Restaurant at Ockenden Manor is award-winning and offers a superb fine dining experience in an elegant room overlooking the gardens with sweeping views of the South Downs beyond. The expertly devised menu by Head Chef Stephen Crane incorporates the freshest ingredients, sourced locally in Sussex wherever possible.

The spa has been perfectly designed against a backdrop of the original 19th Century walled garden in the grounds of the Elizabethan manor. The overall feel is airy, cool and calm, with rooms overlooking the fields and the South Downs. The key design feature brings the outside into the interior, with a balance of organic clean shapes. The beautiful large swimming pool is half inside, half outside, guests access the outdoor side of the pool by swimming through a door in the glass wall. The perfect combination for anyone detoxing or just getting into shape.

With outdoor hot tub, indoor spa bath and a walkthrough rain shower. All you need to relax and stay in shape is at your fingertips. My therapist Katie Light, a Holistic wellness coach and Facialist, developed three bespoke therapies to help regain a sense of inner peace and calm. The tensions and aches fade, this is a very deep treatment and Katies experience in the industry, gives her a unique approach that makes for the treatment to be an excellent repairing experience. With a deeply comfortable bed to fall into, plenty of fresh South Downs air and delicious locally sourced food to complete the experience, The Light Technique at Ockenden Manor gives guests the space and tools to feel better — inside and out.

This is helpful, but maybe there is a better way. There is no doubt we are living in an increasingly toxic world. Toxins in the environment, toxins in the food chain, toxins in our water supply, toxins in our homes and, of course, all the mental toxins that are having a very negative impact on our biochemistry. When the body is exposed to large amounts of toxins — that is to say, levels the body cannot easily excrete through its own natural detoxification pathways — it stores them in body fat.

Body fat is more than a simple energy store; it is a toxin depository. If we can reduce the toxin load on the body, it will have a knock-on effect in reducing excess body fat. Consequently, it needs to become a regular occurrence to give any beneficial effect. Of course, detoxing or fasting has been with us for a long time. Fasting was, and still is, carried out as part of religious rituals and no doubt has a dramatic effect. Juice fasting is the most popular, although water fasting probably yields the greatest benefit. Nevertheless, it should only be carried out under proper guidance. Fasts are known to have a beneficial impact on body, soul and spirit.

Certainly there is little doubt that giving the body a rest from eating does wonders to reduce toxin load, increase energy levels, improve mental clarity and generally give a significant boost to the vibrancy of our being. What simple things can we do on a consistent daily basis that will help us achieve our goals in terms of weight management? There are a number of simple changes we can make that will make a massive contribution to our overall wellbeing.

The body eliminates waste through the bowel, through the kidneys, through the skin and through our lungs. Our liver and kidneys are the prime organs involved in processing waste in the body. One of the downsides of detox programmes is that they are very short-term. While they may help you lose a few kilos in weight, they do nothing to nurture new behaviours.

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Digestive malfunction is growing at an alarming rate, reflected in a myriad of problems ranging from colitis, SIBO, constipation, IBS to acid reflux etc. More and more research is underscoring the vital role our microbiome plays in terms of our health. Not only is it influencing our bowel health, its impact radiates right throughout the body. Increasingly we are learning about the key role it plays in maintaining sound mental health and in the prevention of degenerative brain disease.

Modern diets are major contributors to the proliferation of bowel dysfunction. Diets high in processed foods, heavy on meat, dairy and grains while lacking vegetables and fruits, are not helpful for the gut. The overuse of antibiotics and certain other drugs has also taken a heavy toll on the microbiome.

In particular, the negative effect wrought by the weedkiller glyphosate on the integrity of the gut is becoming more well known, with traces of the toxin now rife throughout the food chain. Consequently, buying organic food is a far better choice for. Most probiotics are either bovine or plant-based, in other words from environments which are not identical to the human digestive system. As such, and despite what the marketers insist, they will never properly colonise the human digestive tract. However, recent advances by the Australian company Progurt, who use human-derived bacteria in high concentrations, offers very significant scope for restoration of optimal gut functioning.

This will not only aid detoxification and elimination but make a massive contribution to our physical and mental health. A second area that should not be overlooked is the importance of body pH balance. What we are referring to is the pH of blood and tissues. Modern living is increasingly putting our body pH buffering systems under pressure, often leading to slight deviations of body pH towards acidity. This can negatively impact the body in many ways and is often initially reflected in fatigue and poor immunity.

However, one of the damaging effects of prolonged deviation of pH towards acidity is the fact that it makes it more difficult for the body to detoxify. Excess acidity in the tissues will inevitably result in toxin accumulation. Nascent Iodine Conventional iodine has a molecular structure, Nascent Iodine is in atomic form — considered the safest, most effective form available.

Indeed, the atomic structure is the same form of iodine the body creates from dietary sources. It is a complete power complex that helps to repower and rehydrate your body. Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen. A delicious, spa-like blend of organic lemon, lavender, blueberry, beet, and honey, this elixir is packed with the additional punch of 10 grams of marine collagen peptides for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

A fast absorbing, effective and powerful formula! Deeply nourish hair and nails with probiotic-fermented biotin. Made with certified organic, non-GMO biotin and silica, this collagen-, keratin- and elastin-boosting blend, pomegranate, green and rooibos tea, citrus bioflavanoids, and turmeric. For a very natural treatment use pure coconut oil. Leave in overnight, massage into scalp, and when washed the following day you will notice the difference.

Silky and shinny. There are many simple things we can do on a daily basis to aid toxin removal by maintaining optimum body pH. Firstly, it is important to consume adequate amounts of water, ideally alkaline, antioxidant water with good structure, such as from the Biocera Alkaline Jug. This will help to flush acidic toxins out of the body. If we are to achieve good hydration, we need to maintain healthy electrolyte levels.

The low-salt craze has unfortunately resulted in many people having inadequate electrolytes in their body, with consequently negative effects on their health. The body relies upon good salt. Therefore, to boost electrolyte levels and aid body pH balance I would recommend a good alkalising salt such as Alkamax. Additionally, supplement with magnesium chloride to aid body pH balance and supply the body with much-needed magnesium. Magnesium is required for over different enzymatic reactions in the body. One of the great advances in the last few decades as far as supplemental nutrition is concerned is the introduction of green superfood blends.

These help to fill the gap that has resulted due to inadequate consumption of vegetables and fruits. A properly formulated green superfood powder can. Green blends supply the body these nutrients in a way that is familiar. They also have a highly beneficial impact on body pH, and there are now many different options to choose from.

The leader remains one of the originals, Green Vibrance Powder, which has received more awards than any other superfood blend. It has been carefully and clinically formulated to provide quality nourishment. Additionally we need to make sure we have adequate levels of omega-3 oils. Our diets have become increasingly deficient with a much higher consumption of omega-6 oils and less omega This deficiency affects heart and brain health, as well as immunity and digestion. Ideally take a good clean fish oil such as UnoCardio , which has been independently validated as the highest quality on the market.

By making sure to prioritise balanced nutrition, coupled with healthy lifestyle choices such as adequate exercise and relaxation, we will assure continual detoxification, and consequently forego the annual or bi-annual detox protocol. If, however, we elect to continue the yearly detox, these recommendations will greatly enhance the benefits. For further information visit www. Premium quality health products from across the globe. PH3 1AJ. Its world-famous retailers include bespoke tailors on Saville Row and designer fashions on Bond Street. Shoppers also head to high-end Burlington Arcade and Shepherd Market, a cluster of independent boutiques and traditional pubs.

Cool modern art galleries line Cork Street. Away from the busy streets you can indulge yourself in the very quiet hidden away May Fair Spa. This is an area of wellbeing all treatments are tailor made to your individual needs. The facilities include an aromatic steam room, herbal sauna, experience showers, ice fountain and candlelit relaxation room with heated beds. The signature massage I had just recently left me feeling so relaxed and I just was so revived and renewed, a wonderful experience. For those having treatments or packages, all facilities are included in the treatment price, with use of the relax room afterwards.

The relaxation room is a treatment in itself silent and so very nicely lit to ensure rest and sleep. I woke up and had been asleep for almost an hour. A glamorous heritage, bold design and distinctive style make The May Fair Hotel a true one off. With over rooms available, including 37 suites, there really is nothing that you cannot ask forehand room service so very fast and the staff were so balanced and calm, that you really do feel troubled free.

When the day is done why not enjoy a cocktail and watch on as tailored bartenders conjure dramatic signature cocktails n the May Fair Kitchen? Herbs and home-made ingredients will stimulate lively infusions from the opulent bar, or sip champagne cocktail overlooking London. The choice of cocktails with classics and surprises. Dinner and then the choice of so many theatres, all within walking distance, what more could you ask for? This means staffing demands will grow. Training therapists and replacing staff can really cost your business a lot, and not just in terms of money.

The industry attracts a varied spectrum of trainees.

Some with serious career aspirations to others who just enjoy giving massages to their friends and family, and are not really thinking that far ahead. Usually only a very small per cent of beauty therapists make the cut and start their path into a spa career. Now this is a growing area in the industry.

So now is the time to get serious and start training the therapists at an early stage and make them aware that the spa path career is there for them if they so choose. If the colleges can improve the quality of therapists they turn out, then the spa industry might look closer at the young students, and give them the opportunity. Next issue we will look closely at the courses and types of training available to help the therapists who are looking for a career in the spa sector. Learn the art of Skin Candying. In one day you will have the skill to remove hair the Skin Candy way, with no fear of burning or tearing the skin.

You will love carrying out this fun method of hair removal using our totally natural vegan product. Run by Oscar winning Makeup Designer. Small classes, Guaranteed paid on-set experience. Based in Camden, London. Next course 2nd Jan For more information visit. The Massage Training Institute only represents holistic massage therapists.

Established for over 25 years, we provide high quality training, CPD and regional support. Choosing an MTI therapist means choosing our values of sensitivity, creativity and integrity. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure, and 2. To that end, here are 5 things you can start doing today that.

Besides acting as a detoxifying agent, drinking a big glass of lemon water with ginger serves the following purposes:. Legumes are not only an excellent source of protein, but also an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibre. Fibre is an essential part of your diet because if helps keep your digestive tract operating as it should be. To keep your system clean and functioning at optimum, make sure you plan your fibre intake.

By planning on two meals with plant-based protein sources like legumes each week, you will keep your digestive tract ticking over nicely, which is the best way to get the bad stuff out and keep the good stuff in. Natural detoxifier: lemons contain citric acid, which naturally stimulates detoxification within the liver.

One of the most potentially damaging health risks we face is unmanaged stress. While stress is a part of our life whether we like it or not, we can take proactive steps to manage our response to it, one of which is meditation. By scheduling time to centre and refocus our minds and calm our inner thinking, we are much more capable of managing stress.

The Cabral Concept

An important benefit of this exercise is once we become more effective at managing stress, we decrease our risk of being as negatively affected by it. I prefer to meditate first thing in the morning — it awakens your mind and clears out any potential mental head trash you woke up with.

Hormonal balance affects everything from weight control to how vulnerable we are to life-threatening disease. Start working on developing these habits, one at a time. Once you entrench these behaviours into your daily routine, get ready to feel amazing, every single day. While the detox can help you reset, these habits will make resetting unnecessary. Green tea is a heavyweight when it comes to health benefits. One of its most significant benefits is as a powerful antioxidant, preventing cell damage by reducing the formation of free radicals in the body free radicals are toxic by-products of oxygen metabolism.

As the purpose of a detox is to clean out all those nasties that have built up in your body, why not choose a simple solution to get ahead of the clean-up process. Go for a high-quality green tea of possible less processing , and try to consume cups per day. The story actually started in , when AnnaMarie was in recovery from having had four major stomach operations following a total removal of her large bowel three weeks after her second son was born.

With no stomach muscles left to support her back, she was in constant pain. A mutual friend suggested she saw Rick for a back massage while laying on her back. How is that possible? Rick had his own clinic using a similar cushion and had experience using this method of massaging a client in the supine position for many years. Anna-Marie loved the treatment so much, six years later she married Rick and they decided to reconstruct the cushion to make it affordable for all.

The whole ethos of the company was to make the Aquamassage Therapy Cushion not only a luxury experience of comfort and support for the user but also to help the therapist have less stress on their own body and hands while massaging or stretching their clients. From the therapists point of view, using the support of the water and the clients body weight, their muscles relaxing naturally into the warm water, the therapist slides their oiled hands or non-oiled between the cushion and the client. It is the most comforting and least painful way of having a deep tissue, sports or relaxation massage.

The husband and wife team have also developed an amazing Non-Oiled Course. She choreographed the fashion shows launching the dance wear into Streetwear and established the first shops to sell the Pineapple Streetwear Brand both in England and in the DeGruchy Store in St Helier Jersey.

This has opened up whole new markets giving access to many receiving an amazing treatment, who would otherwise be too nervous to take off their clothes - like Anna-Marie several years before following major surgery; disabled and vulnerable people. Healing Hands Charity help traumatised men, women and children in Bosnia.

RIck also works with Military Charities. The support cushion is now being used by Beauty Therapists for facials, eyelash extensions, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths. A Comfort and Support Cushion filled by tap water-hot or cold. This last year has been an amazing turning point for the young company. This includes the Champney Spas and cruise ships. Photographs of the Cushion being used in different ways in multiple environments can be viewed on Stones Aquamassage Ltd Facebook Page.

If you would like any information on our products or Accredited Training Courses Please contact us at: info stonesaquamassage. Elemis Chamomile Cleanser. This balancing and refreshing cleanser deeply cleanses skin, effectively removing the build-up of daily pollutants and make-up. Unique in texture and specifically designed for combination or congested skin types, active extracts of Lime Blossom, Lecithin, and Vitamin E help to balance excess surface oils and soothe the skin.

Reveal a clean and radiant complexion. Getting into good habits early will set you up for life.

It will become your normal. Always remove make-up last thing at night, whatever the circumstances, as not doing this will for sure age your skin. A good idea is to always have a little kit to cleanse, tone and moisturize, something small, just in case you get stuck. Always use a moisturizer during the day with a UV protection, even if it is not sunny. Start using an eye product early to delay the onset of wrinkles. As the skin around the eyes is the first to react to environmental damage.

Protect your hands with a good hand cream with UV protection - this will also help to delay the signs of ageing. Dietary supplements short term can benefit the younger person with a hectic, busy lifestyle of work or study. This will ensure a regular intake of the essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health, and maintain healthy looking hair, skin and nails.

Is a powerful combination of ingredients that will nip any breakouts in the bud without upsetting the skin around them. Sennheiser Over Ear Headphones. Great quality all-round sound with a rich deep bass. With an integrated three-button remote plus inline microphone to control your music and make or take phone calls.

These headphones come in a clean white or a stylish black and are over-ear, with soft leatherette ear pads, so really comfortable for long listening especially if travelling. Foldable too, so are perfectly portable despite their size, and they come with a pouch. The gel contains Dead Sea Minerals and plant extracts in a highly effective, quick drying formulation to help clear and prevent spots.

The minerals in the product acts as antiseptic agent. Why not treat them to a gift card to their favourite eatery! Wagamama poles show that adolescents from 13 to 17 Wagamama came up as the favourite. The food is varied and reasonably priced. For ethical teens there are vegan dishes including a new Vegatsu Katsu curry: seitan coated in panko breadcrumbs with an aromatic sauce and sticky white rice. Who knows what that juice might unleash in them, a gradenine sweep in the mock GCSEs, perhaps?

By staring and scanning I was, and am, able to smell, find shadows in colour which I can translate as cancer, tumour, or pain. This ability to HEAL is one part of being a healer added to mediumship. By covering them in gold heated healing, and lift, with intense concentration, the bad energy from their physical body. The patient may experience a sensation of emotions - tears, heat, exhaustion, relief yet ending in Healing. I perform my 7D healing.

Dynamic Health Services - Wellness Blog

I will also find using my mind the central nerve weakness in the feet and send energy, injection, and bind in gold light. I am working to find cut and remove illness, pain, cancer, tumour, and so on. The patient is in a relaxed consciousness and completely fine. They may feel absolutely nothing, or hurt from instruments as I am cutting out, or using light works, removing these ailments.

I will also place the syringe fashion colour rods or bars to override the disease or pain. After many exercises and procedures has done his work, I am towing all the bad diseases I can see in treatment 1 of 15 over a period of weeks. HUME therapy is a mental method to TUNE the visible human body matter, skin, and bone to its former self before the original onset of illness. I have had many patients in my time but there was one that always caught my attention. He was a much older gentleman who had been riddled with cancer, and I was told he would not last a month.

I could smell, as I entered the treatment room, his cancer which is like a crippling odour or dumping bags been left outside too long. I gave him a strong, long course of treatment. That was years ago and he is still alive as I write this. Opening its doors in following a multi-million pound renovation, the hotel showcases glorious Gothic Revival metalwork, gold leaf ceilings, hand-stencilled wall designs, and the legendary grand staircase offering guests the chance to celebrate the glitz and glamour of the Victorian era.

The room hotel houses 38 Chambers Suites which are the epitome of contemporary luxury whilst also encapsulating lavish Victorian grandeur. Each suite is bespoke with a character all of its own, restored to its former glory and rejuvenated by the integration of the latest must-have technologies. The guest rooms, located in the Barlow House extension of the hotel, are equipped with modern fittings and furnishings and offer contemporary artwork and design. The hotel also boasts a Spa and 10 unique meeting and event spaces.

Combining stunning architecture and an exceptional level of service, the hotel offers an experience like no other. We uncover the root causes of why you're feeling stuck and unable to attain your goals and the action steps needed to live the life you always dreamed of. Plus, every day I answer your natural health wellness, weight loss, mindset, product review, and longevity questions.

By following the Cabral Concept of "Change Your Body - Change Your Life," our community believes that by first rebalancing your body and mind, you will then be motivated to conquer any goals you set for yourself in life. I look forward to sharing these real world, proven, holistic strategies with you straight from my Boston Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Functional Medicine practice! Episodes Launched Alternative Health.

Episodes Reviews 2. Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend! Valerie: Hi dr. Is it less or as safe as nut alternative Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows! This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track! I wanted to hear your thoughts on food sensitivities, my understanding is that they are usually caused by undigested food particles breaching the tight junctions in the gut lining then the body having an Welcome back to the FridayReview where we will be covering a new vegan protein, as well as a brand new product, and some great research!

Although the best exercises in the world haven't changed in decades that doesn't mean you can't stay on the cutting edge of fat-burning And, if you've never heard of BAT brown adipose tissue before you will absolutely want to check out the big benefits of increasing this form of fat Yes, believe it or not, there is a beneficial form of body fat that actually helps you rev up your metabolism and keeps you lean! Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out 3 ways to stimulate brown fat to burn mo After last weeks podcast on how to swap out unhealthy food options for much better choices, I wanted to follow up with a show dedicated just to snack foods… Snacking can be an effective way to boost energy levels, stabilize blood sugar, or make it through a long layover until your next meal, but there are also a lot of places you can go wrong in terms of making smart choices While I do believe in the power of venting and having someone you can confide in and share your struggles with there comes a point where complaining does more harm than good Megan: Hi Dr Cabral, thank you for everything you do, you have helped me immensely!

Keep up the good work. My question is about a guy I have recently started dating - he is 26 and seems to have little uncontrollable ticks or Tourette's like symptoms, is there something You can suggest to help him? I suffer from chronic headaches - one per month that last for 48 hours. They usually occur around the same time each month. They used to be more spread out - maybe per year. I was diagnosed years ago with sinus headaches - had an MRI done which did not show any signs of Welcome back to this week's FridayReview!

I don't know about you, but this week has been a little insane ; It's been great, but it seems like I've lived a month inside of a week The good news is that it is Friday and with a little time off to recharge the batteries and spend more time with family, we'll be revved back up and ready to go on Monday!

Every once in awhile the government decides to look at natural ways to reduce pollution and "detoxify" the world we live in This was just the case with the NASA Clean Air Study that looked at the top plants for removing harmful invisible gases and other toxins from the air we breathe inside our homes and offices Like most studies, the actual research can seem confusing at first glance, which is why I wanted to take all that data and break it down in a very actionable way On today's CabralConcept That's why on today's CabralConcept I want to share with you the truth behind how much sleep you need per night kids too - Enjoy the show!

Every one of us at some point in our life will encounter obstacles that look too big to overcome During these times we may struggle to find an answer or a way out of a situation that seems too much to bear When you come upon one of these times I want you to draw upon one of the 3 time-tested solutions to every problem Shivani: Hi Dr Cabral, I have a question for your podcast please. I recently discovered this podcast and I absolutely love it! I have always been very sceptic to everything that effects my brain and that is out Welcome back to the FridayReview where we are going to tackle the best of this past week!

The Cabral Concept

In everyone's life, we hit a time where we are faced with what seems like a million different challenges we need to overcome At this point, our time is at a premium and many people subsequently let their exercise routines begin to slide I'm personally experiencing that right now in a good way , and I've had to come up with a plan in order to reduce my workout time, but keep my results coming So on today's CabralConcept I'd like to share with you the workout you can do daily in very little ti Our grandparents never used to have to worry about these issues But, the world has changed and we live in a time where profits come before people and our food system has taken the biggest hit of all This means that we have to be even more diligent in what we include in our meals and how we look at total nutrient intake per day Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out if you may be suffering from nutritional deficiencies and why your food isn't filling you up anymore - Enjoy the show!

What happens in this common scenario is that you miss out on the benefits of every other area Cabral's New Boo The last year I have been getting tons of Cherry Angiomas appearing on my skin. I have no idea what the root cause might be. What makes them appear? What is the root cause? I am not pregnant or on birth control. If you had them, or they started appearing on your skin, Dr. Cabral, what would So i have a friend with an 11 year old boy. He's been struggling with encopresis since he first started potty training.

His mother has taken him to many Doctors and specialists, and yet know one has really helped him. My thought For details tune into CabralConcept - Enjoy the show and have a great weekend! Many years ago I learned a methodology that I could use to create an endless number of workout routines This allowed me over the years to formulate programs for everyone from the Olympic athlete to Celebrities to the "weekend warrior Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out how to create limitless workouts using And, when you do take the right dosage of high-quality nutritional supplements the results are I never want to seem like I am not grateful or amazed by conventional medicine But the truth is that the scope in which they practice is severely limited The problem is that countless patients each year suffer due to a failed system that is uninterested at looking at root causes I do this every September I like to re-assess how my last few months have gone and what I would still like to accomplish for the rest of This life audit does not come from a place of judgment, but rather the opportunity for a fresh start So on today's CabralConcept I'd like to share with you why I believe now is the time to complete your next " minute life audit" - Enjoy the show!

You are amazing and I will do your course in the future but at the present my 24 year old daughter is going through a journey with Stage Welcome back to the FridayReview where we'll be covering everything from made up clinical disease names to a powerful herbal extract being used in multiple "brain-based disorders We have a special guest interview today on a topic most people would benefit greatly from learning more about Should a lb person be drinking the same amount as a lb person?

And, can you just consume all 8 glasses at once? Or, do you need to be drinking each glass at a specific time during the day for better absorption? I made a promise many years ago that if I ever figured out how to get well I would share it with the world About 15 years ago I started to make good on that promise and I haven't stopped since However, one area of health that we've seen exceptional results in is healing the digestive tract This means if you have bloating, gas, acid reflux, cramping, weak digestion, constipation, loose stool, or any number of other issues pertaining to the gut we can help you and we've been fortunate to have helped I personally don't think that morning routines get enough credit for the success that they create or don't create in people's lives No matter who you are - You do have a morning routine whether you're aware of it or not And these steps you take each morning are either consistently moving you forward in life or making each day more challenging Tune into today's CabralConcept to learn the 7 steps that make up every successful morning routine and how you can mimic them in your own life - Enjoy My question today is about systemic enzymes.

My partner has had a lot of surgery in the past and was asking about them, I'd love to know y I am excited to have it and I am looking to understand how it is used for medicine. Is it used in tea, is it dried out and ingested as a her Plus, I'll be doing a product review on the MoonPod, which if you haven't tried it takes bean bag chairs into the 21st century I also have some interesting research on how a common food preservative found in bread, baked goods, and cheese is leading to weight gain and health issues And last, but never least, I'll be taking you through the me Coldwater therapy has officially reached the mainstream Start Here TWT.

One of my favorite things to see is when medical research finally catches up to what natural medicine has known to be true for years This has now led to massive funding, lab testing, and research into a deeper level of understanding into how to heal The magic behind manifestation is working every day of your life whether you believe in or not However, my analytical mind has a hard time letting go of the reality that I see all around me, which is why I try to break down "metaphysics" into principles, steps and actions we can all understand and put into practice The problem is that most of us have never heard of the true reality behind what we see in this 3D world and that is why I'd like to make one specific principle very clear Tune into toda Darren: Hey Dr.

Great show as always. I listened Joe Rogan's podcast interview with Dr. David Sinclair and anti-aging specialist. I know you espouse similar ideals with some of those reco I believ I can't wait to share with you today my favorite mood-boosting supplements, as well as my 2 favorite sparkling mineral waters!

For all the details please tune into today's CabralConcept - Enjoy the show! Or how some people can eat all the calories they want and never gain a pound Cabral's New Believe it or not, you really can overdo even healthy fats in your diet The problem is the media never seems to know how much is the right amount and what fats are actually the healthy ones The good news is that consuming the right fats in just the right quantities can convey all the anti-inflammatory and longevity factors attributed to the healthiest living populations in the world That's why on today's CabralConcept I want to share with you the most important healthy fat on the planet and w Zoe: Hi dr.

Do you think men and women need to work out significantly differently? And if so - what do you feel works best for each? And I would love to know what you think about ma I've been having hormone and adrenal issues for a decade that became at times debilitating around age Since that time I began making radical changes in my diet and taking high-quality supplements. I have maintained a very healthy all organ Welcome back to this FridayReview where I'll be bringing you the best of the week!

I can't wait to review the fun health products I found like the biodegradable "hay straws" or the latest pastured ghee that also comes in a hypoallergenic goat's milk variety Plus, I have some scary research to share on how acid blockers are increasing mortality in those that take them over the counter ones too And, I'd like to begin noting more of the other podcast interviews I've been on such as this week's Ayurved When I was first trying to get my health back I had never even heard of heavy metals Like most people, I was skeptical and thought this was just some made-up "toxicity" that natural health practitioners talked about to scare people As we age we tend towards becoming more catabolic, which is a nice way of saying our body begins to breakdown faster than it rebuilds This leads to rapid aging and it starts to show from the inside out The good news is that you can absolutely slow down this catabolic effect in the body by ensuring you have enough "raw material" to create an anabolic balancing counter effect Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover if you have the 7 signs you've become too catabolic before it's too late - E Do you or anyone you know always feel like you have a nagging health issue?

Do you consistently have to deal with bloating, digestive issues, itchy skin, watery eyes, skin blemishes, headaches, joint pain, fatigue, or other annoying ailments? If so, tune into today's CabralConcept to find out why you may have multiple sensitivities and what to do about them - Enjoy the show! Kari: Hi Dr. Stephen Cabral and thank you for taking the time to answer my question today.

Within the past year or so I have had about 3 outbreaks of scalp issues. I have had consistent patches of dandruff over this year or so that when scratched too hard often bri I am so grateful for all the work you and your team does! I am a colon hydrotherapist and listen to your podcasts daily and happily share your name and podcast with my clients. My period has become very mucousy, no other symptoms, regular cycle, no discomfort, just all Welcome back to this weeks FridayReview! And finally, Don't have money for the gym?

Don't have access to fancy equipment? No time to exercise? Here's the answer: No cost, at-home workouts you can do anytime, anywhere, with zero equipment. Check out today's CabralConcept for the bodyweight timed circuit training workout with images! The single most important tangible thing you can do for your health is to decide when and what you are going to feed your body Achieving your hopes and dreams is typically boiled down to seeing, believing, and then achieving And I often talk about the importance of creating a plan and working the steps to success Cabral's New Book, The Shikha: Hi Dr.

Cabral, I have listened to your podcast on seed cycling. I wanted to know if seed cycling helps for low estrogen levels? I did my hormonal test recently and my progesterone levels,estrogen, cortisol and androgen levels were either low or lower end of the range. Is there a natural way to bal As of last year, I have started to have I also want to review two excellent research studies: One that applies to the typical foods people eat and increased mortality, and the other pertaining to 5G WiFi network dangers And last, but never least, I will be reiterating 3 blood labs you absolutely mus Episodes like this are some of my all-time favorite shows to do Although we usually stick to one topic and try to provide the who, what, when, where, why, and how of dis-ease root causes or a health topic, today is a bit different On today's podcast, I want to share with you the "7 keys to living a long healthy life" that are truly irrefutable - Enjoy the show!

Today I'd like to share with you the 4 part protocol we use to figure out where the imbalances lie within your body The reason why I believe in this system so much is because there are so many possibilities as to how you could get well or lose the weight, we need to identify which one is best Tune into today's CabralConcept Most people do not need to worry about high lectin, histamine, oxalate, phytic acid, and other restrictive food diets But these proteins and sensitivities absolutely do affect some people and you need to know if you are one of them That's why on today's CabralConcept I want to share with you the "new" anti-inflammatory low amine diet and what it's really all about - Enjoy the show!

Anyhow I am in Bali and have friends use this product to kill parasites here named Ozonides which has active oxygen and apparently kills candida yeast etc too Cabral, I am a big fan of your thoughts, stories and your podcast over several years now. Within the last years I adopted several of your suggestions regarding nutrition, movement and general life style behaviour.

Today I have a question about a kidney issue. I know that you are an experience While there are tens of thousands of studies completed each year very few of them last for more than a few months The reason is that they are costly, the study participants drop off, and the data the study is looking for can often be gathered within months - not years However, whenever longer-term research has been completed I very much enjoy diving into that data to see what can be summated That's why on today's CabralConcept I can't wait to share with you the longer-term study done on which And the reason I mention this is because there is only so much you can focus on diet and exercise before you reach your breaking point I would be amazing if one form of medicine encompassed everything we needed in life to get well, lose weight, and slow the aging process But I think we all know by now that simply isn't the case And, when it comes to Conventional versus Functional Medicine there is a huge foundational difference that separates the two The trick is knowing when to use which and when to watch out for the "bandaid approach" of conventional medicine Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover the fatal flaw of Nothing is more powerful than that which you have told yourself is true It's amazing how strong those beliefs are in shaping your entire world around you But what's equally amazing is how your beliefs can change based on new experiences or new input if you choose Tune into today's CabralConcept to see just how aware you are of your sub-conscious belief system - Enjoy the show!

Karyn: Hello, I'm so glad to have come across your work. Before I did I had seen many naturopaths and medical doctors about my sons stools, which have never been normal - and it's clear his body cannot digest foods properly. After numerous tests we discovered he has a candida and various other bacteria I have been having this strange sensation usually after i eat majority of the time where my stomach bugles out, its like my stomach on the upper left side is bloated almost, its not painful just stra Today on the show we will also be going through two very different book reviews that deal with the autonomic nervous system, as well as healing on an emotional level… Plus, I want to share with you some promising research on a high tech hair loss treatment and proven supplements to help with This is what I wish I had when I was 17 years old When I went to over 2 dozens medical specialists looking for an answer as to why my body was shutting down there was no clear concise plan So I continued to stay sick Until I met my mentor and realized there really is a way to heal - forever.

Often times we're always looking at what the next and newest nutritional supplement is on the market to give us an edge But did you know there are actually activities you may be doing daily and certain foods you are eating that could be diminishing your nutrient reserves? On today's CabralConcept I am going to share with you the daily activity that depletes you of those vitamins and minerals and how you can combat it - Enjoy the show!

The reason why people do not achieve the life they want has nothing to do with the body or intellect or any other genetic factor Most people have shortcomings in life and come from imperfect backgrounds So, what I see being the deciding factor is the ability to control ones' most dominant thoughts in order to continue to persevere in the direction of what they desire despite life's many obstacles Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out how to control the 3 states of mind each of us co I have been following a clean diet according to many of your recommendations since doing the DCD earlier this year.

I am a collegiate athlete and so typically I train for 3 hours a day 2 hrs of sport, 1 hr of weight room stuff. How can I make sure I am getting enough calories in? I'd even like to build muscle if possible. I know you aren't a fan of eggs and bacon first thing in the morning but tak Welcome back to Holiday weekend edition of the FridayReview!

Today I'm looking forward to recapping our Summer Community Detox Challenge, 4th of July celebrations, and cheat meal enzymes Plus, I can't wait to share with you a book on napping really! We've had a major week full of research breakdown and how it applies in the real world and on today's show I'm here to share another study on how taking a dai Believe it, or not, not every form of body fat is created equal There's actually a form of belly fat that accumulates mostly in the belly area that can create ALL the major causes of early mortality The problem is in "diagnosing" this type of fat and figuring out how to shrink since it lies so deep in the body So, on today's CabralConcept we are going to expose this deadly form of belly fat how to measure it and explain how to remove it once and for all - Enjoy the show!

On one of last week's podcasts, I mentioned something that triggered an avalanche of questions and comments The topic was based on how humans do not increase the number of fat cells as an adult - even when they gain weight So that then led to how is it that people continue to gain weight and increase fat? To answer that, on today's CabralConcept I breakdown the truth about fat loss and how it's possible to increase fat without adding "more fat" and how to reverse this issue once and for all - En Sometimes in today's culture, we hear a snip-it of research or news and we run with it as if it were the whole truth The problem is that as you begin to unravel most media-driven fads we start to see that there are holes in the theory and that the story gets much deeper This is absolutely the case when it comes to phytates and phytic acid in certain foods, which is why I want to do a deep dive into the falsities surrounding this topic Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover the "anti-nutr Morning routines are not reserved for those people that have already "made it I consider them one of the most important things a person can master This is why on today's CabralConcept I want to share with you 10 different ideas for morning routines to choose from - Enjoy the show!

Anton: Hi Dr. If you only knew how much you have affected my life in a positive way you would be proud of yourself ;-! Because I'm a client of your private concierge practice I could access to the For about 2 years my hunger has been abnormal as it used to be. Especially after I have cheat days I can end up having no hinger for 3 days at one point lasted weeks and when I do feel hungry its something super small. Are there anyways to bring back m Welcome back to our FridayReview! And I have an amazing back-stretching fitness tool you can use to open up a stiff back and improve your overall posture If following a unique diet based on your body makes sense why wouldn't we hold the same philosophy around exercise The truth is that bodies come in various shapes and sizes and we've been taught for thousands of years through Ayurvedic Medicine that each "Dosha" requires a specific set of movements in order to keep it healthy and balanced And the inverse is also true - which is why I felt compelled to share today how many people are exercising incorrectly based on their individuality Each and everyday we have the seed of cancer growing in our body, but luckily at the same time, a healthy immune system keeps these mutant cells in check However, did you know that as we gain more weight certain natural hormones in our body begin to increase and imbalance our immune system?

One of the reasons why we begin to age faster and our bodies start to break down is because of a decreased ability to deal with inflammation One of the problems I see that holds people back from achieving all their hopes and dreams is a lack of belief in themselves Laura: I just listened to your podcast on I appreciate your wealth of knowledge that you so graciously share with the world! I am 4 months post partum and am going through quite a roller coaster of thyroid issues.

I was di I also wanted to share with you a recent study on a possible alternative to colonoscopies and how to detect cancer at an earlier stage About once a month on the Cabral Concept I try to invite on a guest that I believe has a message that will profoundly impact your life Today's guest, Christine Hassler, shares her story of personal struggle and eventual triumph that led her to become the person she is today Our conversation was a lot of fun and I am so glad Christine and I connected - so I hope you'll join me on today's CabralConcept - Enjoy the show!

Yesterday, we spoke about how erratic blood sugar levels throughout the day can lead to a host of aging, wellness and weight gain issues Today, I want to follow up and paint a picture of exactly what is going on inside your body in order to create the "delicate dance" of regulating blood sugar using 2 specific hormones Once you've listened to today's show I believe you'll have a greater understanding and appreciation for how your body works and what you can do in order to keep it balanced on a daily b But some seem to have stuck for thousands of years now These are the ones that typically have eternal truths to them Today, I want to share 7 of those with you for how to live a stress-free life - Enjoy the show!

Vanessa: Thank you for all of the information you put out, quick and to the point. So my issue is that the palms of my hands and bottom of my feet are severely dry and cracked. It gets to where my heels crack so bad that my heel splits apart and hurts. My finger tips do the same thing. Although my prim It is more common in men than women, though both can be affected. It is usually hereditary occurring in people of European And I have a brand new study shining more insight on how artificial light at night is destroying our natural diurnal rhythm Today's show topic is very timely since I will be completing the very same workout today!

I have to travel quite a bit for work and this can sometimes make sticking with my workout routine a challenge So on today's CabralConcept I will be sharing with you my favorite travel workout no real equipment needed that I'll For example, in the case of low thyroid, tens of millions of people are medicated unnecessarily Their symptoms and thyroid imbalances are crying out for help as to WHY there are imbalances in the first place A lot of times we brush off our symptoms of low energy, brain fog, and other nagging health issues We simply chalk them up to aging, stress, poor sleep, etc.

What many people don't realize is that there is often a breakdown in the body's liver detoxification abilities that allow it to begin to accumulate the thousands of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover the 7 most common signs that you need Sarina: Hello there.

Im in Adelaide Australia. I have a 8 month old baby who was born naturally, never had antibiotics or any vaccinations, fully breastfed yet she has food sensitivities and allergies. We have found she is sensitive to salicylates and bananas and allergic to cow and goat milk and im no Firstly thanks for everything - I've learned so much from you. After my system crashed four years ago you are my last port of call and I'm currently on your CBO protocol and have done the HTMA and food sensitivity and calls with your coach. My next one is the thyroid adrenal hormo Welcome back to the FridayReview!

Boosting your metabolism has to do with a lot more than just exercising Having a strong metabolism means that your body is firing on all cylinders and that your hormones, blood sugar, and other homeostatic systems are all balanced Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out 10 ways to ensure your body is balanced and to jumpstart your metabolism - Enjoy the show! One of the most amazing correlations in natural health is that by looking at the outside of an individual you can sometimes pinpoint exactly what is going on on the inside… Over many thousands of years and through modern day lab testing we have found precise signs and symptoms that we can use as early warning signals Trends, interests, and fads can fade, but finding your true passion in life will never go out of style Finding what lights you up inside can and will make the difference between just going through the motions and waking up every day excited to live Keep it up.

I have a mold question in regards to genetics; The most popular mold physician says testing for specific HLA-DR genes is necessary to determine if the b So happy my mom turned me on to you. I will get straight to the point! I have been getting small eczema patches on my forearms the last few winters I am 28yo female when never having them before. They started to show up in August of , a lot sooner than I was expecting. My mom Today we are going to dive into some recent research studies that cover a shorter life expectancy for this current generation, schizophrenia linked to low vitamin D, and how BMI is being used to determine future health complications I feel that people should absolutely design workouts around what they enjoy doing for exercises, but There should also be an element of science in how the programs are formulated in order to maximize your results without having to spend an hour in the gym Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover the science behind how to burn more fat in less time doing what you love for workouts - Enjoy the show!

Cabral's New Book, The R I'm a big believer in keeping your nutrition as simple as possible in order to stay consistent Over the course of days its consistency which beats out short spurts of "being perfect Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out the 8 high antioxidant foods I always keep in my kitchen - Enjoy the show! But in my opinion, you should not spend your days worrying if you will be the 1 in the 3 people that gets some form of cancer in their life The reason I feel this way is that stress alone can lead to cancer - Plus there are so many things within your control to prevent it in the first place Many of us walk through life not ever becoming aware of the type of mindset we have The unfortunate part is that a "fixed" or stagnant outlook can hold us back from accomplishing all of the amazing things life holds for us Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out what type of mindset you have and how that could either be benefiting you or keeping you from living your best life - Enjoy the show!

Cabral's New Book, The Rai Mae: Hi Dr. Love your podcast and just started reading your book which is so informative. My question is about wrinkles. I just turned 30 and have started to notice more prominent wrinkles on my forehead and in between my eyes and around my eyes. I take really good care of my skin and wear sun Any specific recommendations? How do I know if a sauna is safe regarding its EMF output? I have read a few articles from those Plus, I have a Public Service Announcement on the unexpected contaminants found in your everyday drinking water Whether you just dabble in working out or you're a seasoned athlete there are a handful of exercises that almost everyone overlooks These exercises are not intimidating to do, but they've been overlooked for the more straight forward such as the squat, step up or standard lunge However, the benefits from these 2 exercises I'd like to take you through today go well beyond toning, shaping, and strengthening your body - They will also improve flexibility and realign your posture with every rep!

Tune into A lot of what we research in order to extend human lifespan is complicated and intense But, we've known now for many thousands of years how to predictably decrease mortality and live a longer and healthier life And we could say that the inverse of those things are also true - Meaning we know very well what will shorten your lifespan Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover 8 easily fixable factors that predict an early death regardless of genetics and what to do about them - Enjoy the Have you ever started down the path towards achieving your goals only to stop And then start again And stop again.

This is an all too common occurrence and it can happen not from a lack of commitment, but from a missing piece of the puzzle on how to move forward Tony: my goal is longevity n antiaging.. I'm 29yrs old. Your passion and dedication are really inspirational. I had a big fibroid tumor removed from the uterus via c section and now I am terrified of ever growing another one. Plus, I have a product come back review that helps you remove and repair stubborn acne scars And last, but far from least, our lab review of the week goes over what I've been waiting for just the right time to release this powerful interview with Aubrey Marcus and without further adieu it is ready!

Aubrey and I go deep into a number of topics regarding relationships, happiness, what it means to be human and how to optimize your day to get the most out of life This show was a lot of fun to record and it was actually live and on-site at his amazing Onnit Academy in Austin Texas! You won't want to miss this rare guest interview today on CabralConcept where we wil Although vitamins, nootropics, and macro manipulation get all the press and media, there a few other unsung heroes when it comes to strong foundational nutrition Electrolytes are the missing element that many people need to rebalance in their body in order to enjoy the energy and zest for life that they are currently missing Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover the 7 most common signs of electrolyte deficiency and what you can do to rebalance them - Enjoy the show!

One of the hottest diet trends right now is focused on skipping breakfast. The question is always, is this the right choice for you, and if so, for how long? You're busy. Your schedule is booked up. You're feeling overwhelmed This is why our current goal setting thought-process has to make a shift as well The old way of visualizing dozens of goals coming true needs to be reworked, which is exactly what I want to take you through today Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out why you should not try to change everything at once in order to achieve your dreams and goals - Enjoy the show!

Wansima: Hi Dr Cabral, My 2 year old son has had his adenoids out and ear grommets put in at 15 months. He is now 2 and his grommets have come out and I see the symptoms of the constant runny nose and cough come back. I have heard that food sensitivities can sometimes cause these symptoms and kids are I have had lots of issues for about 5 years now.

It started with pain in my upper abdomen, bloating, and constipation after I ate. Lasted on and off for 4 years, then suddenly the pain went away and bloating and constipation remained with no ch Every week I love bringing you my FridayReview where I get to share some of my favorites from the week on an array of different topics And this week I wanted to share a fun new "gadget" I bought my daughters in order for them to learn more about healthy fitness Also on the show, I'll be doing a book review by a Bioregulatory doctor in Switzerland that has a "secret" to share about how he helps his patients heal Plus, I'll be talking about a fun Mother's Day Bundle we're offering right now and a wa The amount of muscle a person wishes to carry varies widely between individuals But, the way that people should go about maintaining a healthy level of muscle always comes back to creating a solid foundation from which to grow On today's CabralConcept I'd like to take you through how to add muscle and tone up naturally without all the hype and gimmicks - Enjoy the show!

What is one of the most amazing things about Functional Medicine lab testing is that you can actually see what stage of dis-ease you are in many years before a diagnosis is ever made… And, the stage you are in often corresponds to the subtle symptoms you are suffering from before that major disease or illness sets in Believe it or not, there is a big chunk of your day that you're missing out on every 24 hours Now don't get me wrong - I know you are super busy and booked up pretty much all day, but I can assure you there is a certain portion of your day that is going to waste And on today's CabralConcept I'd like to share with you how not to miss out on these 6 hours a day by learning to take back control of your time and life - Enjoy the show!

Rita: Hi! I did the 7-Day Detox and loved it! I've been struggling with Hoshimitos plus PCOS for likely 15 years and have never found anything that works for my body as far as the weight goes or really anything else. With the detox I could see a change in my body and even though the weight on the sc I also have 2 excellent research studies to improve both your brain Have you ever wondered whether you should get into a new exercise program, following a diet, using a sauna, or maybe following a fasting protocol?

Did you have a difficult time deciding which one is right for you? How much of it you should do? Or how long you should follow it? I go in depth on many of these topics today, as well as share common signs and symptoms of fiber deficiency There are hundreds of popular diets out right now, but how many can say that they are looking out for your long-term health?

Much of how we feel has already been predetermined by what we believed would have or should have happened in our life Cabral's Ne Brennan: Hi Dr. Cabral and team- I am a new follower of Dr. Cabral and stumbled upon his podcast when searching for podcasts on juicing celery. I love how real and level headed Dr.

Cabral is and that he looks at both sides of the story. With that being said, I have a question. To give you a bit of back First of all, thank you for this podcast. I truly see it as an encyclopedia of natural medicine. The added pounds can be due to water retention, toxic water weight, high cortisol levels, and much more This type of weight gain shows up as swelling, puffiness, and an overall softer look to the face and body Testosterone mainly is known as the "male hormone," but it has a huge effect on everyone's body And, if you're deficient in testosterone there can be enormous health consequences that most people never suspect as being related to this hormone Tune into today's CabralConcept to discover why you need to boost your low testosterone naturally in order to enjoy optimal health - Enjoy the show!

Luke: Hi Dr. Thanks in advance for answering my questions. As a result my wife and I have found ourselves adopting a much healthier and more natural lifestyle. We completed the 21 Day I wanted to ask a question reguarding the dietary recommendations for professional athletes. I am currently dancing ballet professionally and Plus, I want to bring you some highly regarded research on Autism and the way in which the gut effects ASD symptoms Don't get me wrong - I love all the advances in technology, quality of life, and ease of access to food, etc However, many of these "advances" we've made in modern civilization after about have come at a high price And that price is our health - Almost none of today's preventable diseases were even a major cause of alarm just about years ago That means in only a century we've taken a turn for the worse and as you'll see on today's show the statistics don't lie Tune into today's CabralC And until you get your mind right, even if presented with the exact blueprint you still may not follow it and get results Charity: I ordered the 14 day detox.

Just wondering if this is a side effe Cabral, What are your thoughts on AIP diet to heal the gut? I've done research about healing the gut and it all says you shouldn't have legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, etc? My naturopath told me that is the best way to discover food sensitivities as well. Also, do you recommend still making sur It's easy to believe that even when the going gets hard our body will just continue to chug right along and keep up the demand Typically this is the case, but that doesn't happen without some major compensation within the body especially under chronic stress That's why o Anonymous: Hello, I'm a 30 years old living in Australia.

I'm working on parasites and candida overgrowth, and acne which is going well. I also have hyperhidrosis excessive sweating - hands, feet and underarms. I sweat any type of weather, more when i'm nervous which is normal I suppose. If I have a Cabral, I enjoyed your interview with Melissa Ambrosini a while back. I felt inspired to make changes and work with my aryervedic body type. But I feel uncomfortable treating with antibiotics be Check out today's CabralConcept for all I've spoken before about Holiday weight gain and how it can really add up the last 6 weeks of the year, but It turns out that people don't just automatically lose that weight in the subsequent months that follow The average adult over 25 years old actually begins to accumulate body fat non-stop with every passing year Check out today's CabralConcept to discover the shocking stat on average weight gain per year and what you can do about it - Enjoy the show!

Like most vitamin or mineral deficiencies, there are many levels or symptoms you will first feel before being diagnosed in a dis-ease state This can be very pronounced for some specific nutrients such as iron, which when deficient can lead to a host of health issues Cabral's New Book, And when we don't hit it out of the park we can tend to get angry, upset, irritable or depressed with the lack of results we are making towards achieving our goals and often just give up Sydney: Hey Dr.

Cabral, thank you for doing your dharma. Your podcasts and IHP have quite literally changed my life, my families life, my communities and my clients lives. However, a family friend has just been diagnosed with abestosis, which he got from a job he worked in his early thirties. Is this suppose to happen during the detox period? Also i have had some mild increase in anxiety but am getting that under control.

The reason for this is its particular link to cancer, allergies, asthma, and potential cardiovascular issues However, the symptoms of protein malnutrition are very different than eating too much protein One causes an anabolic imbalance, while the other you will see signs of catabolism and breakdown If you have Candida, SIBO, bacterial overgrowth, parasites, mold, heavy metals, or toxicity levels of any type it has to be removed in order for you to heal The problem is that it has to be done in a way that doesn't cause massive "die-off" reactions that can make you feel even worse even if temporary That's why on today's CabralConcept I want to explain how to avoid Herxheimer reactions by using certain at-home detox protocols including the "Detox Power Hour" - Enjoy the show!

Sometimes when we're battling wellness, weight loss, or mental health issues we feel all alone - As if no one knows what we are going through But the truth is you're not alone, and millions of people share your same struggle in their own unique way That's why on today's show I want to share with you real-world examples of what the timelines, transformations, and getting your life back look like Tune into today's CabralConcept to learn more about this road to recovery for getting well, losing Joanna: Hi Dr Cabral Im writing this question as i can not find much info about this on any of your podcasts.

I have a long medical history but im going to keep in brief. I have had microscopic heamaturia now for about 2 years i have had urine cytology which was clear and a cystoscopy which was normal, My question is on behalf of a colleague who has Myelofibrosis. She is a single Mum to 2 school age children and is slowly experiencing a deterioration of symptoms particularly fatigue.

And, I have a couple of new recommendations based on my latest travel that will help you with red eye irritation and a non-alcoholic herbal alternative to relax and reduce anxiety Sit-Ups vs. Chops TT. A lot of fitness professionals are violently opposed to anyone ever doing a sit up or crunch and that's why today I want to show you how they can be useful when done correctly I also want to give you my take once and for all on which abdominal exercise is best and which ones you should incorporate the least to keep your spine healthy and strong Tune into today's CabralConcept to find out which one is the best ab exercise: Crunches vs.

Chops - Enjoy the show! Most people shrug off their water consumption as no big deal and simply drink when thirsty It is these health issues that I want to share with you in the show today since many people mistake them for dis-ease states in the body As you begin to go deeper into learning about Ayurveda, you'll start to see it is so much more than looking at your body type Dosha You begin to uncover a new world of wisdom that speaks to the truths of the Universe and that if we begin to follow them we start to understand our place in all of this so much better Can I please send here???

I am Suspecting a hormonal imba Developing "core" strength goes well beyond what your actual mid-section looks like Core strength is actually something that enables you to stay injury free, improve posture, be able to be functionally strong, and so much more The problem is that this type of strength decreases over time due to our modern lifestyle and most people don't know it is even happening In our Western-based mindset, we typically continue to push ourselves until it's too late This can mean too much stress, work, exercise, food, alcohol, or any number of items But in the end, the mind and body perceive stress as a threat and it's forced to mount its own attack to prepare for the enemy This can lead to serious consequences both physically and mentally, which is why on today's CabralConcept I want to share with you the 7 signs of burn out to beware of - Enjoy the show!

Heidi: Hi Dr Cabral, Not sure if you have answered this question previously, but I was wondering if you have knowledge relating to dermal fillers and their harmfulness for the body. I had filler injections done to my nasolabial folds a few months back and am so pleased with the results. I am 25 years ol Im early 30s now, male, and played collegiate Welcome back to this FridayReview where we have so much to talk about!

First up we'll be reviewing some additions to our Deep Sleep Protocol to make it the "Ultimate" way to unwind and relax at night Next up, I want to share with you the 1 air filter for your home or office and what sets this model apart Plus, I'm not sure if you saw the report on the toxins contained in popular dental floss, but I am going to give you some healthier alternatives on the show And last, but never least, we'll be go That leaves a lot of room for either building ourselves up, or breaking ourselves down depending on what we think about the most Darrel: Hey, great show.

May sound like a silly question but can someone start a performance enhancing drug cycle to get the body enhancement results in short term then start the Dr. Cabral detox to eliminate any potential side effects? Have you done any show listing those specific side effects? I feel fatigued upon waking despite 8 hours of sleep, no morning erections, fat around the breasts and belly button despite having a Welcome back to the FridayReview and I'm looking forward to sharing with you so many exciting topics this week!

First up, I'll be sharing a brand new product being released yay! Next up, I'll be doing a full review of a fantastic Nomatic travel pack that I'm loving and how it's saved me on all my speaking and travel this past month Then, I'll be going over some important FDA labeling changes and a research study on the importance of I wouldn't be where I am today without following these methodologies