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They need to know what they do is noticed. They need to know their efforts, whatever they might be, are not in vain. So as I close my eightieth chapter and welcome in my eighty-first, I share with you secrets I have learned along the way while participating in the most precious and beautiful game ever called life.

Until our next share, realize there will never be a perfect time on your journey to begin taking your life back. So start where you are, at this moment deconstructing your ecosystem, to rebuild a healthier and more vibrant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual world to live and prosper in, while never forgetting there is no finish line. June 23, George Raveling.

Publisher Name. Father, husband, Coach, and a mentor to many. A renowned speaker and a former member of the National Speakers Association, George has spoken before Congress. Former Director of International Basketball for Nike. More posts by George Raveling. Confidence and courage do not come with age. It comes with embracing fear and doing it anyway. And we will always be scared because we are human. Get used to the fear, transform it another secret, it is just energy — YOU get to make it what you want it to be. Use fear to light you up. That fire will light your way. That feeling, the rumble, drumming in your gut — pay attention to that.

The feeling that feels like a volcano about to erupt when someone is putting you down, making fun of you, telling you girls cannot be superheroes or that a man will never love you because you are the size you are — do NOT ignore it. That drumming is your voice and your power. USE IT! Do not sell your soul to be accepted. Do not do the things that make you uncomfortable, say no — no matter what.

Be Kind: A Letter To My Younger Self | Holstee

Stand your ground and set your boundaries, they will listen. Throw those fairytales in the trash, this is your story — you, and only you, get to write it. Just sit with who you are right now. Write everything down and keep those stories close to you. You already have the magic; everything you search for is already with you Babygirl. Yes, we have been introduced to the ugly side of life.

Letter to my younger self: be proud of what you have achieved

Life is hard; there is heartache, cynicism and defeat. Life will not always be easy, but it will get better. Keep them close and always listen to them. Forgive me for not doing these things sooner. Forgiving me for not speaking up for you or asking for help. Forgive me for the hateful things that were said and done. But I am with you now.

I see you, the real you. You are not alone. I love you. I hope this inspires you to take a look at your relationship to your own inner child. Listen for her. What is she saying? Maybe write her a letter and see what comes up.

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Absolutely adored this and inspired to do this today. The hardest battle you will have to fight is to live in a world where every single day someone is trying to make you be a person you do not want to be. Be mindful and act immediately in controlling your destiny and taking back your life. Yes, YOU. You always will be.

But along your journey, you will lose sight of who you are at times because the external world will relentlessly attempt each day you are alive to sell and tell you what you should or should not be. Always be kind and unconditionally loving to the reflection in the mirror and remain aware not to allow a negative thought to turn into a lengthy negative conversation.

Your number one job is to straighten out your own life.

get link Before you lead others, you must wisely and earnestly lead yourself. Self-leadership is a daily action fueled by intention, courage, passion, discipline, and perseverance. Not a spontaneous, spur of the moment impulse.

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Life does not have dress rehearsals. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial habits you practice consciously or unconsciously every day either will move you forward or backward in creating the life you envision for yourself.