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On the other side, you can simply review your giant pile of stuff to do and choose which tasks to take off the list. There have to be some tasks on that list that are more urgent than others. Remove the less urgent ones from your list and that should alleviate the overwhelm almost immediately. This is also known as prioritizing! We have to do laundry, write that paper, do that favor for a friend, pick up that prescription, do the dishes, grocery shop, meal prep and do the dishes again.

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And all in one weekend? Chores suck, but I want you to try this strategy to get motivated and finish stuff in half the amount of time. Instead of indulging in Netflix, long boozy brunches or scrolling through social media on your downtime, reward yourself with those activities AFTER the chores and errands are done. Invoicing, emails, client work, setting up calls… everything. And this blog is still pretty much a side project. But I found myself working on the blog during my work hours instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing, and it hurt my business.

How I fixed it: I told myself that my reward for getting client work done was being able to work on this blog. I want you to try this technique. So we dance around starting… and then nothing happens. Part of it is fear. Or doubting if I have enough time to keep up with filming and editing videos. If you want to start something new but feel overwhelmed, I want you to break the tasks into small bite-sized pieces as mentioned above. Reverse engineer what you want to do.

Write it all down. Ask for help. Then DO it. First I came up with concepts. Then I wrote bullet point scripts. Then I charged my camera, put makeup on, sat down and filmed. It was hard, and I still have to edit. But next time will be so much easier. Sometimes we have to push ourselves over the hill of starting, then it just gets easier.

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So what should you say no to? You can imagine by Sunday, I was too tired to do anything productive or for myself. It sucked. And it was glorious. Me-time is not selfish!

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This is a quick fix. It speaks to my heart. I almost feel as though it were written especially for me and should be my "theme song". The Strange Familiar is a fairly new band, but very talented and will undoubtedly have great success.

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Their songs are so full of feeling and passion. Would love to see them live! Still haven't found what you're looking for? Top Stories Dozens of Sydney childcare centres shut down after baby boy dies. Carmen gave up her lease. Now she enjoys free housing.

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