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Introduction to Secondary Treatment What are the major differences between aerobic and anaerobic processes? Chemical treatment and aquatic chemistry What is pH and why is it so important?

Acids and bases in wastewater systems Critical equilibrium reactions in wastewater systems What is alkalinity and why is it so important? Material balancing — a fundamental tool for analysing wastewater treatment processes The Activated Sludge process: How does the activated sludge process work?

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What is sludge age, and why is it important? Workshop Problem 3. International Water Association.

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Toggle navigation. Target Audience Engineers, scientists and managers who require an excellent introduction to the principles of wastewater treatment. Next, mechanical wastewater treatment rakes, screens, sedimentation, flotation and procedures for tank mixing are presented.

Fundamentals of Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biological wastewater treatment is another important topic of the class and for its understanding biochemical fundamentals of degradation of carbon compounds, nitrogen and phosphate removal are explained. The activated sludge process is part of the class as well as special treatment procedures e.

The class finishes with the discussion of aeration and gas exchange. Field trip to the Wastewater Treatment Plant Steinhof. Lecture notes are available for download 8,9 MB.


Handout : Mixing, storage, mechanical treatment Class Tutorial German only , November 30, , biologial wastewater treatment, basics, problem sheet 0,4 MB. Class tutorial on dimensioning German only December 07, and December 14, , problem and solution sheet.

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Institute of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering. Sludge Treatment and Disposal. Practical Lab Training. Dimensioning and Design. Anaerobic Processes. Water Chemistry and Water Analytics.